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"Enjoy your dining experience and share it with others." This has become the standard for food connoisseur, Dominek. With broad exposure to many different cultures and foods, experience working in hospitality, and learning as much as possible from her mother who attended culinary school, Dominek decided to put her food critiquing skills to use.  
As an avid Yelp user and Yelp Eliter, Dominek is always on the lookout for things that make the dining experience memorable. Seasonal menus, attentive staff, food presentation, ambiance, and dishes that cultivate cravings are the way to a five-star review. In alignment with her favorite quote by John Mason, "You were born an original, don't die a copy," Dominek looks for restaurants that set themselves apart by offering unique and review worthy experiences.  


Before the birth of Dom N' The City she was sharing her food journeys with readers via The District Confidential, and you can read some of her previous work by clicking here.  This website gave her the platform to not only share her experience with just readers in New York City but other major cities such as L.A. and D.C. as well.  
Dominek is known as the go-to guide for eating your way through NYC, and several other cities, among her friends. She always has a place in mind that will match any scene you're in the mood for. When she isn't indulging in the flavors of the city, Dominek works for an innovative fin-tech insurance startup company in an operations role.  Connect with her on Twitter & Instagram, @DomNTheCity.  

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