Guide to 29Rooms

Refinery29 29Rooms NYC.jpg

29Rooms is back in New York City and this year's theme is Expand Your Reality.  The vision is brought to light with the help of local artists and celebs such as Yara Shahidi and Nicole Richie.  You can buy tickets for this event that is only here for a hot second by clicking here.  This was my first attending this Instagram and Boomerang oasis, so I decided to share with you some tips and favorite rooms.

  • Arrive at early - This should be a no-brainer, but you should show up least 15-30 minutes earlier than your 3-hour time slot.

  • Avoid driving and take public transportation - Everyone will think driving is a good idea and who wants to spend time driving around looking for a spot?

  • Grab a map and hit the most popular rooms first - Below I have included a list of what those rooms will be:

    • Room 2 - Teen Bedroom - You are gonna spend a good amount of time here securing the perfect flick

    • Room 3 - Love Letter To The World

    • Room 4 - Shake It Out

    • Room 6 - Ace The Midterms - Yara Shahidi's collab room

    • Room 7 - Dream Doorways - This is closest to the entrance, so people flock to it first.

    • Room 16 - A Long Line of Queendom - This room is the epitome of BLACK GIRL MAGIC. You gonna spend some time in here because I know I did!

    • Room 19 - The Idea Incubator

    • Room 25 - Pantene's A Feeling You Wear - This will include a ball pit and a good time for a boomerang.

    • Room 28 - The Moxy Play House

    • Room 23 - You Are Magic

  • Don't worry about who is going to take your pic - Rolling alone? Need someone to take a pic of you and your friend? Don't worry the Refinery29 staff is so sweet to take pics for you AND THEY KNOW ANGLES!

  • Avoid stopping to get wine and snacks - This will only eat into your time, and you want to be able to see all the rooms!

  • Travel light - This is NOT the time to be a bag lady.

  • Bring a portable charger and a fully charged phone- You don't want to miss a beat!

  • Take all your crew's pics on one phone - You can then AirDrop them or create a shared album (Sorry Androids, I can't help you on that one)

  • Check out one of the most underrated rooms which is 29 Questions - It is a social experience where you talk to a stranger for 6 minutes. Sounds strange but I enjoyed it.

  • Read the plaque BEFORE you enter the room - The plaque will tell you more about the artist's vision and will allow you to appreciate the installation.

Below I included some pictures from 29Rooms so you can plan accordingly and see what the rooms look like.