Tips for Dining in Large Groups

Dining in large groups can always be a mixed bag, but there are a couple of things you can do while planning a group dinner to make it a more enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Pick a restaurant that typically does well with large groups

Don’t worry because I created a blog post of 10 restaurants if you live in New York City that would be great for you and the crew.

review the menu and make sure all your dietary restriction friends can find something on the menu (or just ditch your vegan and vegetarian friends. JK!)

Nothing is worse than being a vegetarian and getting a dinner invite to a gastropub or barbecue restaurant. Before making that reservation be sure to give the menu a glance. #BeThoughtful

Make reservations

I should not have to say this but I still have flashbacks to my server days where parties of 8 or more want to stroll in and be seated immediately. A restaurant looks at their reservations to also determine staffing so you giving them a heads up is always a good look. If your party sizes change between the date you initially reached out to the day before - please keep the restaurant in the loop.


This will allow the dinner guests to familiarize themselves with the menu and pricing and hopefully kill half the time it takes an individual to decide what they are ordering.

Ask your guest to show up early

Most restaurants will not seat an incomplete party. If your reservations are for 6 pm tell your guest 5:30 or 5:45 pm, because it is always better to be early than late when hungry people are involved

Encourage everyone to bring cash or utilize Cash App or Venmo

Don't we hate when the bill comes and all of a sudden people either become professional mathematicians or forgetful of how to add? I have dined at restaurants where they have limited the maximum amount of cards available for a large group to 4 cards only.

Pro tip:

Wanna grab a drink but afraid it might complicate the bill? Arrive early and grab one at the bar while waiting on the crew to arrive. Cheers to that!

have fun!

Remember the purpose of having dinner with your friends is to enjoy yourself and catch up on what is going on with one another. Enjoy this time you have together and appreciate that you are all able to gather on the same day and break bread.