How Building A Community Has Been Impactful in My Blogging Journey

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Every Tuesday I upload a new blog post onto Dom N' The City, but you typically see the end result. You get to see an IG post, edited photos, and a well-crafted blog post (well I like to think it is). What you don't see is the writer's block I experience for time to time or the moments where my job sucks the creative life out of me. Let's not forget the times when I haven't been to a new restaurant worthy enough of sharing with you. Sadly enough, these scenarios leave me with no new content to share with you. Some people take a break which I have done before, but what I realized is I find strength in my community of creatives I have surrounded myself with during theses times.

When I first started blogging, I didn't have too many people I could ask questions, seek encouragement from, or flat out bounce ideas off. After taking a step back, I noticed there were several reasons why. I wasn't networking with other bloggers or creatives, and I didn't have a community. There is no book on how to find a group of dope ass people that you vibe with, and everyone's intentions are genuine. What I did learn by attending events, placing yourself in an uncomfortable situation to meet new people, and being authentic with others is that eventually, you will come across a group of people that you can relate to.

Below are three reasons why building a community has been impactful in my blogging journey:


Creating a blog is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Think about it! You share your thoughts or passion with the world on a public site where anyone can read. Trust me because I still get anxiety while hitting the 'Publish' button. Although you should be your own biggest cheerleader from time to time we need an "I see you, sis!", "I checked out your recommendation and loved it," or my personal favorite "I shared your blog post...". Sometimes you need these words for encouragement to keep going.

They Get You

Your friends that don't blog or create aren't going to understand why engagement matters or why the perfect hashtags can make or break your newest IG post. Your friends that don’t create will also look at you crazy when you have a meltdown because Instagram is down for the fifth time in two weeks and you JUST uploaded that bomb ass photo of yourself with the caption that took you an hour to brainstorm. You need people that GET YOU!

Sharing of Knowledge

Sharing knowledge in this space is critical is in growth. Some individuals believe sharing information will leave less room at the top for them, but specifically as a person of color I think is it imperative to share your experience with working with a brand, how you were compensated, and other topics. I am the Queen of Soft Intros, and love connecting people who can of help each other! Let me rephrase that before I find all of yall in my inbox. I am the Queen of Soft Intros (for individuals who work hard at their craft), and love connecting people who can of help each other!

Building a community is not something that has to be done in person. Some of the first creatives I met lived in other cities, but we always found a way to support each other, even hundreds of miles apart. If you have any additional questions on building or finding a community feel free to email me directly at or leave a comment below.