Larq: 60 Days with the Self-Cleaning Water Bottle


Larq is the first self-cleaning water bottle that comes with a starting price tag of $100. When I first purchased this water bottle, I got a couple of side-eyes from my friends and questions if it was worth it. I am a New Yorker, I am always on the go, the subway platforms are hot, and I like clean water. This is the logic I used to justify this purchase! The first time I came across a press release for Larq I was curious. The next day I went on a Google binge of all Larq related news articles, and by the end of the day, I was texting links to all my friends. They told me I didn't need it. Maybe this is totally a first-world solution to a first-world problem, but the idea of never having to clean a water bottle, purified water on demand, and keeping it cold up to 24 hours just seemed like heaven... in a bottle.

The market for water bottles is pretty large, and the price point varies, but some of the popular brands include Swell, Hyrdoflask, and Yeti, to name a few. The majority of these popular brands advertise that they keep your water cold for endless hours, but none of are self-cleaning. The Larq bottle sets it's self apart by being the first self-cleaning water bottle with the help of a UV-C LED light that eliminates up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from water and the bottle. With the press of one button, you can purify your water in 60 seconds, and it continues to purify every 2 hours. The UV-C LED light requires charging via a USB port, and the charging cord comes with the bottle. Since I have owned the bottle, I have only had to charge the device once every 30 days. NOT TOO BAD! If you happen to be traveling to areas where the water is a little more suspect, then you can utilize the "Adventure Mode" which hits your water with three times the dose of UV-C LED light versus the normal mode.  

Larq comes in 5 different colors and two different sizes. The 25-ounce size was recently added to their product line along with their original size of 17 ounces. A full 60 days with my Larq bottle and I am proud to report I am happy with my purchase and have been trying to convince all of my friends to get one. By day 30, I found myself sniffing the bottle to see if there were the slightest stench and NOTHING and by day 60 I was sold. If you are an individual that is constantly on the go and always need purified water within grasp, then I recommend purchasing a Larq.

If you happen to be military, a student, or teacher there is a 10% discount by clicking this link.  If you have questions regarding the Larq water bottle, then drop it in the comment section.