Welcome to my space!  Welcome to my thoughts!  Welcome to a place where I share with you and I feel the most vulnerable, but at the same time a state I am attempting to become more comfortable in.  In October 2016 my good fried Mario asked me to create food content for his wonderful blog, The District Confidential.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it lead down an incredible path of growth.  The purpose of this site is to CONTINUE sharing my passion of food but also to expand into more of a lifestyle brand.  I wanted to take time out thank those in my PERSONAL BLOGGER CIRCLE that has inspired me just jump in!  Thank you to Desi, Shola, Chris, Myrna, and so many more.  Blogging isn't just about writing a post, but about creating content surrounded by your passion and sharing it with others.  I would love to hear from you all so feel free to leave comments, email me, or connect with me via social media.  Got a restaurant you want me to check out?  Want to know if that brunch is really lit?  Need to know where to take a party of 10 at the last minute? I AM YOUR GIRL!  Thank you for joining me on this journey, the sharing of every kind word, and every moment of inspiration!

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