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What do you do when JetBlue is running a crazy sale, and you need a quick getaway from New York City?  You book a flight to Boston.  Boston is known for a lot of the oldest things in the United States such as the first public beach, oldest operating MLB stadium, oldest public park, and the list could go on.  Although the history of Boston is what it is best known for - I went for the food.   In under 72 hours, I ate so much food I needed someone to roll me back onto the plane home.  Here is a short list of the places I got to check out while in Beantown.


Samuel Adams Brewery -  This is a must if you have a beer lover in your company, and it is only 15 minutes outside of Downtown Boston. The brewery is easy to get to via their public transportation system or an Uber. The brewery tour is FREE 99, but they do ask for a donation of $2.00. When I found out the donation goes directly to a charity that is called 'Brewing The American Dream', and supports inner-city children in the neighborhood I was lead to give more.  The tour takes less than an hour, and you get to indulge in 5 of THE freshest beers that Sam Adams has to offer.

Contact Info:

(617) 368-5080

30 Germania Street, Boston, MA 02130


Pauli's - The Huffington Post listed them as one of the ten sandwiches you have to try before you die.  Their signature item on the menu is their Hot Butter Lobster Roll, and the serving portion of lobster meat is overwhelming.  Personally coming back to New York City I don't think I can order a Lobster Roll for a minute.  

Contact Info:

(857) 284-7064

65 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113


Cheers -  As an 80's baby growing up watching Cheers I felt it was only right to go where everyone knows your name. Cheers was filmed at this location, and yes it is a huge tourist destination. With that being said the best time to get here is when they first open. They open daily at 11 am and if you do not want to feel like a lush don't worry because they serve food as well.

Contact Info:

(617) 227-9605

84 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108




Rigoletto - Two types of foods that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Boston is seafood and Italian cuisine.  The North End neighborhood of Boston has always been known for Italian dining.  I got the chance to check out one the newer restaurants in this historical area.  I was able to catch a table for Rigoletto via OpenTable only 3 hours before dinner and was so thankful.  A lot of the Italian restaurants in the North End take reservations but good luck on landing one the of day.

Rigoletto has been open for a little over two years, and I am sure they are here to stay.  With large open windows, they provide prime people watching of the historic neighborhood.  Rigoletto has a pretty extensive menu and a long list of daily specials that keeps your head spinning as the server is rattling them off to you.  For dinner, I decided on Tagliatelle Scampi that had scallops, shrimp, PEI (Prince Edward Island) mussels, tomatoes, and a white wine lemon sauce.  My husband had the Cavatappi Alla Bolognese with veal, pork, pancetta, and a light tomato cream sauce.

Contact Info:

(857) 350-3402

115 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113



Kane's Donuts - Considered a Boston tradition that was started in 1955 by a family in a small town outside of Boston called Sagus, Massachusetts.  They pride themselves on preparing their donuts fresh every day and using local and organic ingredients as well.  Their 1st location in Sagus opens every day at 3:30 AM!  I have been told that they sell out early and seeing a line forming before opening is a norm.  Their 2nd location is the one that I visited and is located in the Financial District of Boston.  If you are not able to squeeze time in your day to physically go to their shop, then you may order from them via Postmates.

Their donuts have been featured on The Travel Channel, Eater, Travel & Leisure, and Boston Globe. Kane has been dubbed as "The Best Honey Dipped Donut" in America.  I want to say I am going on record to agree with that statement.  Their most famous donuts are Honey Dip, Boston Cream, Maple Bacon, and Maine Blueberry.  

Contact Info:

(857) 317 - 2654

Two International Place, 90 Oliver Street, Boston, MA 02110

Kanes 1.jpg
kanes 5.jpg



Tavern in the Square –  With a total of 9 locations throughout the Massachusetts area, this can be a great place to catch a game, grab some food, and enjoy a drink.  Their North Station location is very close to the Garden, so they are particularly busy during Celtic's games.  They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner.  One of my favorite drinks is the Executive Mimosa which includes Stoli orange, orange juice, and sparkling wine all in a big girls glass. LOVED IT!



I had such a great time in Boston and only was able to share some of the places that visited with you all. I am already planning my next quick getaway. If you have any additional questions regarding my trip, need hotel recommendations, or anything other recommendation then drop a comment!  


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