V-Day Edition: Party of 1


Did you know about 190 million Valentines are sent each year just in the United States alone?  Either you love or hate this holiday, and I don't think there is any gray area when it comes to feelings for Valentine's Day.  On February 14th you are reminded yet again you are bae-less on this unnecessary Hallmark holiday.  From homegirl at work getting flowers delivered to walking past a larger than life Valentine window displays, or all the couples on the subway holding hands and you JUST KNOW they are heading to dinner.  So to cure your V-Day blues I am giving you a list of places it is completely acceptable to dine alone because two would be a crowd.


Xi'an Famous Food -  This spicy Chinese food NYC-based chain has a total of 10 locations so I am sure you will be able to find one near you.  They are known for their hand pulled noodles and lamb burgers as well.  The great thing about Xi'an is their locations are made for fast dining and NOT group dining.  Party of 1 = being able to find a seat.  My personal favorite is the beef and noodles!  Check out my full post of Xi'an by clicking here.

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Gotham West Market - What better place to go and dine on V-Day than a market where the options are endless and there is a sea of communal tables?  With these seating arrangements, you are bound to sit next to an interesting person or hop on Tinder to find your next bae or situationship.


Mokbar - One of my favorite Ramen bars in Manhattan and it is located inside of Chelsea market.  Mokbar has a bar of about 7 or 8 chairs and you can avoid that awkward question "Dinner, for how many?".  My favorite ramen is featured below in the IG post.  Who knew bacon broth would be so life changing?


Sushi Seki - With three locations you are able to make reservations for a party of 1 at the sushi bar for a less awkward moment.  They have been listed as one of the top Japanese restaurants in NYC according to USA Today and known for creating the best dining experience.  They are also known for having an impressive selection of Sake as well.

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Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer -   The less people you have in your party makes it that much easier for you to nab a spot at the bar.  This would be a great spot for you to grab dessert after you have taken yourself out for that nice dinner.  Cool thing about coming alone is you can pig out on the ice cream shake without someone judging you for finishing it all...with no help.

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Hope this V-Day guide helps you figure our your dinner plans.  Feel free to comment below with your plans or share some of your favorite solo dolo restaurants.


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