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I have been living in Harlem for four years, and it has been the only neighborhood I have lived in as a resident of New York City.  I feel so deeply connected to this area that is known as a mecca for Black culture.  These streets of Harlem have been walked by some of the most influential people of our times.  As with anything in this world time changes everything and so does gentrification.  As a Harlem resident, it is crucial for me to support my locally owned businesses.  It is even greater importance to shop with those in which the owner looks like me.  That last sentence is not something that will resonate with everyone who reads this blog, and it is okay.    

I have been following, Jessica, the owner of Harlem Chocolate Factory, for some time now.  The first time I was introduced to her delicious chocolates was in 2016 at Harlem Eat-Up which is an annual food festival.  Fast forward to 2018 she now has a storefront near Striver's Row, and a little too close to my home.  Praise God for my ClassPass membership.  They opened up on Valentine's Day which seems entirely fitting and provided the neighborhood with another option versus candy from Walgreens or a last minute trip to Soho for some artisan chocolates.  

The store is decor is channeling Harlem Renaissance vibes which gold accents, a gramophone, and the Striver's Row image that was taken by Jessica and utilized in a lot of packing of her products.  The store associates are personable and informative - PLUS they talked me into trying dark chocolate which I typically do not care for due to the bitterness.  They made me a believer and have successfully converted me to a dark chocolate lover, and it was NOT bitter.  They are currently offering Truffles, Bon Bons, Chocolate Bark, and Champagne tarts.  One of my personal favorites includes the White Chocolate bark with freeze-dried strawberries and rose petals, and the chocolate with the Fruity Pebbles filling.

Be sure to check out the Harlem Chocolate Factory, and let me know what your top picks are!  Everything is made on site within the shop, and you are truly in for a treat.  In celebration of a new Harlem business and Black History Month I decided to put together a Harlem playlist located at the bottom of this page as well.  Enjoy!


2363 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10030

Instagram:  @harlemchocolatefactory

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harlem chocolate factory.jpg
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