5 Speakeasies in NYC You Need to Check Out!


Speakeasies are the direct result of the Prohibition Era which made it illegal to sell, manufacture, or transport liquor. During the Prohibition Era, it was easier for individuals to get their hands on gin, whiskey, and moonshine. This is the very reason you see many gin and whiskey-based drinks at speakeasy bars. Some aspects of such as the element of secrecy continued to appeal to bar patrons and liquor connoisseurs, therefore, the popularity of speakeasies. Check out 5 speakeasies in NYC you need to add to your list!

Blind Barber

Past the barber chair will lead you to a spacious bar with an attentive mixologist. Blind Barber does take reservations for groups of 8 or more so your whole crew can meet up for a good time. My personal favorite cocktail is Strawberry Fields #2, and they have a variety of pizzas to order from.

339 East 10th Street, New York NY 10009 (East Village)

The Basement

Located in the basement of Cha Chang Tang and beyond the Coco-Cola door is where you will find this NEW speakeasy with a game room theme.

45 Mott Street, New York NY 10013 (Chinatown)

Patent Pending

Hidden behind a coffee-shop Patent Pending is getting ready to celebrate their first year in business. You can expect a wait for a table as this speakeasy in high demand seeing that it is a new and popular establishment. Once you grab a seat I would recommend Strange Music, Radio Waves, or Currents & Coils.

49 West 27th Street, New York 10001 (Flatiron)

Sugar East

Located in the basement of Treadmill Park you will find Sugar East and one of the few speakeasies that take reservations.

1125 1st Avenue, New York 10065 (Upper East Side)

Blue Quarter

Behind the blue door located inside of Local92 is Blue Quarter where there is a Mediterranean influence and the use of teas to create their cocktails.

92 2nd Avenue, New York NY 10003 (East Village)

Do you have a favorite speakeasy you recommend? Share it in the comment section below!