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When I first moved to NYC, I saw people hauling multiple Trader Joe's bags on the subway.  I kept telling myself Trader Joe's cannot be that great and refused to go shopping there because I felt if I conformed I would be coming part of the TJ cult.  After one visit I was convinced that I found love in a place called Trader Joe's.  I have become such an advocate for TJs because of their fresh produce, reasonable prices, and excellent thing items I never knew I needed.  I decided to share with you some of my favorite buys at Trader Joe's.


Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - I am addicted to cold brew due to the high levels of caffeine I need to power through my day.  This 32 fl oz container will only run you about $7.99.  I would highly recommend adding with milk to it dilute it.  By diluting you can use less, and it will last longer as well.  Starbucks who?

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Coffee Body Scrub -  Right in time for the spring and summer this body scrub contains sea salt, coffee beans, coconut oil, and almond oil to name a few.  With the hottest staple item for this season being mules YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.  Cracked and Dry Heels Matter!  For only $4.99 you have no excuse.

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Mandarin Orange Chicken - So this IS Trader Joe's top-selling item!  I keep two of these stashed in my freezer for a quick meal in less than 20 mins.  When I first saw these in the store, I couldn't believe a frozen item could be so tasty.  First time I tried it I legit had a backup meal just in case it didn't work.  After trying this, you will be open to more of Trader Joe's frozen food.  This bag of heavenly chicken will only run you $4.99.

Tip:  Add steamed carrots and broccoli with a side of white or brown rice, and you got a WHOLE MEAL.

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Pork & Vegetable Gyoza Potstickers - This is another awesome item I have to keep on deck, and as a quick snack that you can steam (which I prefer) or fry.  If you are into soup dumplings, then this is for you as well.  This bag has about 25 dumplings it and will only set you back no more than $4.00.

Tip:  If you try these and love them then try the Shrimp Gyoza next and thank me later.

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Coconut Body Butter -  Introduced him to real and now he hates lames.  Put my husband on to this body butter and now he is hooked.  But seriously it is the best-smelling lotion or body butter EVER!  For only $4.99 you can stay moisturized and smell a Coconut Goddess or God.

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Linguine with Pesto & Tomatoes - Another frozen food item that made me a firm believer that TJs has the best-frozen food.  This items takes less than 5 minutes to microwave and prepare.  This side will only cost you $2.99.

Tip:  Bake a chicken breast and you have a whole meal.  In a rush? Just pan-fry a thin cut chicken breast, and you have a complete meal in less than 15 mins.

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Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese - This is great to stash in the freezer for when you are needing something quick and filling, or just a quick lunch for work.  We have all been there where we are running late for work and didn't pack a lunch, and is only $3.

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Beef & Broccoli - This takes less than 15 minutes to make and can be a complete with a side for rice.  This is dish is seasoned to perfection so no need to add salt or pepper.  All this goodness is only $5.



Mahi Mahi Burgers - TJ’s has this frozen food down to an art. This Mahi Mahi burger are great for the grill or a quick pan fry and you can top them off with mayo, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes. One box will run you $6.99 and contains 4 burgers, and I would recommend picking up two boxes because this will become a new favorite.


Penne Arrabbitata - Another quick go to meal that you can make in under 10 minutes and I love to add chicken sausage to it. This bag cost only $2.99 and by time buy some meat to mix in that is a whole meat for around $10.


Sliced French Brioche  - This is the only bread I use to make my French toast and you can check out my recipe here. The Trader Joe’s website does mention it is great for grilled cheese as well.


Great way to stay up to date on Trader Joe's products I would recommend checking out their website and sign up for their newsletters that you can receive via email or by mail.  If you have any favorites at Trader Joe's be sure to leave a comment and share it with us.

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