Sneak Peek of Queens Night Market

Queens Night Market.jpg

This is year four for the Queens Night Market, but we will start with what is the Queens Night Market?  This is a food event that is held once a year in Flushing Meadows Corona Park and an estimated 80 countries are represented through it's food vendors.  Queens is known for being a diverse borough so what better way to display that but through a food market?  The unique thing about this market is the creator, John Wang, wanted it to be easily accessible and affordable to all New Yorkers. 

This is a free event to attend and the pricing for food items at each vendor is capped at $5 - $6.  Due to an overwhelming demand they have decided to have a sneak preview that takes place on April 21st and April 28th with a limited amount of tickets available for only $5.  If you are are procrastinator then the tickets will be $8 at the door if any are available.  Tickets for either of these nights can be purchased through their website.  Every Saturday from May 5th until August 18th the market will run from 6 pm until midnight, and then again September 29th through October 27th as well.  Outside of a wide variety of food the market also has DJs, live performances, and art/merchandise vendors as well.

I recently attended a press event this week inwhich I was able to meet some of the vendors.  This was a great event because I was able to interact with the operators of the businesses and meet some vets and some newcomers.   Regardless, of their tenure with this event they were very passionate about their craft and it not only showed in conversation but also in their food.  There was so many vendors and pictures I put them in a form of a slideshow, and I have tagged their website or Instagram page for additional information.  



Have you attended the Queens Night Market?  Have any past favorites?  If you intend on checking the sneak peek let me know in the comments.