My Current Podcast Listens

As a New Yorker I have plenty of time on my hands during my commute thanks to the ever so NOT faithful MTA.  I typically prefer podcasts that align with my food passion, fuels my side hustle, makes me laugh, or just flat out inspires.  Check out what I am listening to in my headphones below.


  • Food Blogger Pro - This informative podcast is a must for any food blogger that is interested in tips on how to navigate SEO, manage their social media platforms with ease, or tips on how to monetize your blog. Get your notepads ready because gems will be dropped.

  • The Chopped - This foodie podcast talks about launching your own YouTube Channel, pitching yourself to brands, or how to prepare that recipe for that new dish you have been dying to share with your readers.


  • The Eater Upsell - Eater is a food blogger's holy grail at times and it's the place to get information on the new restaurants or anything food related. Their podcast covers everything from food culture, trends, news, and has featured guests.


  • Brutally Honest - This has to be one of my favorite podcast because it is only 20 minutes or less and delivered to you by Karlie Hustle. Her resume includes Apple Music and HOT 97 and years of experience in the music industry. Add to the mix she is a mother, lives in Brooklyn, and just real AF. Topics can range from White Privilege, absent fathers and the effects, and Jay-Z.

  • The Read - I really don't think this podcast needs any introduction, and they have been in the game since 2013. It is one of the longest podcast I listen to but one of the most relatable ones as well. They talk current events which can include politics, pop culture, and of course Beyonce. If you looking for a good laugh well the hosts Crissele and Kid Fury will tickle your funny bone.


  • Side Hustle Pro - For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, this podcast was made for you. Nicaila is the women behind this podcast that has featured people such as Claire Summers from Fashion Bomb Daily, Melissa Butler of The Lip Bar, and many others. Side Hustle Pro even tells you how to run your side hustle one hour a day or how she quit her job and went into business for herself full time.

  • Fohr Casts - This podcast was created with the social media influencers in mind. The setting is the co-founder, James, talking while enjoying a glass of whiskey while he spits knowledge on engagement, why micro-influencers are the wave, and Instagram algorithm changes.


  • Levar Burton Reads - This is literally the grown-up version of Reading Rainbow in an audio form. He hand picks a short fiction piece and sometimes is followed up with an interview. Levar’s art of storytelling is something that will whisk you away to your childhood.

  • Schoolin Life - Two highly educated women from the Midwest (St. Louis to be exact - my hometown) talking about love, life, professional advancement, and everything else in between. I was featured on their episode called Boss Up where we gabbed about the best and worst managers we have had in the past.

Got a podcast you are currently listening to and love?  Share in the comment section below!