Frugal Moments: Coupons

I am all about saving money or as Cardi B says "Schmoney".  I have been couponing for a couple of years, and I recently shared with my Snap Chatty fam how I like to save when it comes to groceries.  I got so much feedback on it I wanted to share it with The DC fam as well.  I honestly get some joy in getting to the checkout and watching my balance being lowered with the help of my good friends, COUPONS!

So the most important part of couponing is getting some coupons.  We are no longer in the days where the only source of coupons is the good ol' Sunday paper.  Coupons can now be found in other places:

  • - This nifty site allows you to sort by departments and print out coupons from your computer or get this YOUR PHONE!  It is available for Android and iPhone, and therefore no one has an excuse not to be saving!  Awesome thing about this website is they not only provide you with coupons for grocery stores and also major department stores as well.
  • Smartsource -  Another great site with printable coupons but not as large of selections as  This site also has mobile apps for Android and iPhone as well.  Smartsource has a feature called 'Direct2Card' which allows you to load digital coupons to certain grocery stores in which you have membership cards too.
  • Red Plum - These printable coupons are often the same as the ones you would find in your Sunday paper inserts much like Smartsource
  • Requesting coupons -  I know what you are thinking.  You want me to reach out to a company to have them send me coupons?.  I know it sounds crazy, but the worst they can tell you is no. Sooooo shoot your shot.  A great reference page I use is Living Rich Off Coupons contact list page.
  • Store coupons - Keep your eye out on weekly circulars from your favorite grocery store and make sure to sign up for any email list they may have.


I have done a lot of googling on my voyage for advice on how to obtain the best deals and feed my coupons addiction.  Some great websites that have taught me the rules to his couponing game include:


I feel like when it comes to couponing it is so easy to get carried away and forget the original mission which is to PURCHASE WHAT YOU NEED AND SAVE MONEY.  Below is a list of tips to help keep you on track:

  • Buy only what you need and go to the store with an actual list.
  • Learn how to stack your coupons with great store promotions.
  • Read the fine print on your coupon.
  • Keep coupons in an organized fashion by getting some type of folder or plastic divider.
  • Download the Flipp app that allows you to search through multiple circular for the best deals.   Once again this is available for Android and iPhone and it is free as well.


My top choice for grocery shopping has to be Target.  Target really allows you to maximize your coupons for so many reasons.

  • They have this handy dandy app called Cartwheel that is now directly inside of the Target app.  The Carwheel app are Target's digital coupons.
  • By utilizing your TargetRed card you are able to save an additional 5% off your entire purchase.  If you live in a state in which there is no tax on food this makes a huge difference.
  • Targets Weekly Sales run Sunday through Saturday so it is important to check their ad for store coupons and stellar promotions.  Target has alot of promotions where you buy 3 to 5 of certain types of items and you receive a gift card on the spot. MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO!
  • Within the Target smartphone app there are mobile coupons.  For example "Spend $50 on groceries, and get $10 off".
  • Target allows you to use manufacturer coupons in conjunction with their in-store promos, TargetRed card, and Cartwheel.  I honestly do not know how it can get any better than.  This is my main number reason for shopping at Target along with their reasonable prices compared to local NYC grocery stores.


Feel free to share coupon tips with other in the comment section of this post.  Just think your tips could be saving someone a dollar or two and sharing is caring!


Previously published on The District Confidential